Ravnica Allegiance Draft

Event Details

This event finished on 25 January 2019


(3x Booster Packs) 

ENTRY:  $15.00

TIME:  See event calendar for start times


$5.00 store credit per entry will be

added to a prize pool.

1st—50% of prize pool

2nd—25% of prize pool

3rd—12.5% of prize pool

4th—12.5% of prize pool

FNM Promo’s:

2 of each promo is added to a promo pool.

Players pick 1 promo each from the pool in the following order:

(players cannot win 2 promos in the same event)

-1st place

-2nd place

-3rd place

-4th place

-DEAD LAST (that didn’t drop)

-1 random player