CASUAL OPEN PLAY COMMANDER 24 PLAYER LIMITED SEATING EVENT!  FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! ENTRY:  FREE!! TIME:  Noon–6:00pm EVENT CODE:  MP8GGR STRUCTURE: Casual Open Play. Hang out, make friends and play at your discretion Masks recommended. Hand sanitizer provided at each table.   Promo Packs: Promo packs & materials will be randomly awarded every 2 hours […]

Commander Legends BOOSTER DRAFT (3x Booster Packs)  ENTRY:  $20.00 TIME:  Seating Starts @ 2:00pm sharp. Please arrive early to register. EVENT CODE:  4QRVVG STRUCTURE: 6-8 person draft pods with 3 Swiss Rounds. (no finals bracket) ~Players get 2 cards per pick ~Players build a 60 card deck (we provide land) ~All cards in players deck must […]