Pokemon Prerelease:

Event Details


  • Each player set a Build & Battle kit to construct a 40 card deck and then play games with other players to win booster and promo pack prizes!
  • Casual play setting. This means no timers, and no assigned seating. Make friends and play at your own pace. 🙂
  • Win prizes based on your interactions with others in the event! The more games and people you play the more prizes you win!!

BONUS GIFTS JUST FOR PARTICIPATING: Each player will get these party favors just for entering the event!!!

  • Free Energy Packet!
  • Free Promo Packet!
  • Free accessory gift!

Structure: Casual Open Play Event

  • Build a 40 card deck from your Build & Battle Kit (provided)
  • Invite other players to play games with you.
  • The more games you play against different players the more prizes you win!

Time: 3:00pm to 7:00pm Please arrive 10 minutes early to register.

Entry: $29.99 per player per event

***ONLY $19.99 for KIDS 16 & UNDER***

  • Registration’s accepted day of event (1st-come-1st-serve)
  • Refunds only given as store credit.
  • REGISTRATION: Please have a registered Pokemon Player ID completed before you arrive for the event.


  • Play 1 Game against any player = Win 1 promo pack
  • Play a 2nd Game against any player = Win 1 booster pack
  • Play a 3rd Game against a different/new player = Win 2nd booster pack
  • Play a 4th Game against any player = Win a 2nd promo pack
  • Play a 5th Game against a different/new layer = Win a 3rd booster pack and a 3rd promo pack!!!


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