MTG LOTR Prerelease: Casual & Beginners

Event Details


STRUCTURE: Open Play Event –
-Play games at your own pace with other participants.

-Prizes awarded on how much you engage other players!

~Focused on learning new cards and celebrating a new set.

~2 Play options available, great for beginners or players looking for a more casual setting.

ENTRY FEE: (per event/entry)

Jumpstart$13.98 (20 card packs)

Open and shuffle. You’re ready to play!!


Sealed Kit: $39.99 each
Includes: 6x Draft Boosters, 1x Foil Promo Mythic/Rare, 1x Spin Down D20 dice

Build a 40 card deck using cards from your kit.

(basic land provided)

TIME: 5:00pm to 7:00pm


Please have a registered WOTC account completed and the Companion App downloaded to your smart device before arriving for the event.

PRIZES: (per entry)

Jumpstart~ Play 1 game against any player & get 1 booster pack!

Sealed Kit~ Play 1 game against any player & get 1 booster pack!

~Play 2 games against different opponents in each game and win a 2nd booster pack!