MTG Kaldheim Launch Release

Event Details


(All pricing is while supplies last, first come, first serve. Product guaranteed upon payment.)


DRAFT BOOSTER BOXES (36 packs): $100.00 each

*Includes Buy-A-Box Promo!!

SET BOOSTERS (30 packs) : $125.00 each

*Includes Buy-A-Box Promo!!

COLLECTOR PACK BOXES (12 packs) : pricing TBA

*Includes Buy-A-Box Promo!!

PRERELEASE KITS: $26.00 each

*Includes 2 FREE booster packs!!

COMMANDER DECKS: $19.99 each


BUNDLES: $39.99 each


THEME BOOSTERS: $6.99 each


*Promo materials offered while supplies last. First come-first-serve. Preordering guarantees price and product by

February 5th, unless disruption by manufacturer, distributor, freight company or acts of god.