MTG Dominaria Booster League

Event Details

This event finished on 29 May 2018


—Buy 3 Dominaria boosters and register it

with your limited edition deck box!!

—Build a 30 card (minimum) deck using your booster packs!

—We provide free land!

—Play single-game matches against any other league players.

—Players may agree to best of 3 matches if they wish.

—Each player gets one free mulligan each game

—Play anyone during the course of the league.

—No limit on total games played.

—The more you play the better your odds of winning!

—Players cannot play the same opponent

 more than twice in one day.


—You may purchase on pack per week to add to your deck

—You may also purchase 1 pack for every 3 matches you lose.

Entry:  3x Dominaria Boosters and then buy packs at your own pace


Every Tuesday!!

Players can also play league games

anytime during regular business hours!!!!


Top 4 players at the end of the league

win Dominaria Boosters packs!!!


Register your deck and play at least 5 League games

and get a free promo: