FNM Brothers War Launch Draft

Event Details

Brothers’ War Launch Party BOOSTER DRAFT

(3x Booster Packs) 

ENTRY:  $15.00  (must pay in-store to guarantee seat)

TIME:  Seating Starts @ 6:00pm sharp. Please arrive AT LEAST 10 MINUNTES early to register.


STRUCTURE: 6-8 person draft pods then 3 Swiss Rounds. (no finals bracket)


PARTICIPATION PROMO: TBA (while supplies last)

$3.00 store credit per entry will be added to a prize pool for each pod.

~8+ Player Pods

1st– 50% Prize Pool & 1 Foil Promo Pack

2nd– 25% Prize Pool

3rd– 12.5% Prize Pool

4th– 12.5% Prize Pool

~6-7 Player pods

1st – 60% Prize Pool & 1 Foil Promo Pack

2nd – 40% Prize Pool

~4-5 Players Pods:

1st- 100% of Prize Pool & 1 Foil Promo Pack

Hand sanitizer provided at each table.