Disney Lorcana BOOSTER DRAFT Tournament

Event Details




  • Semi-Competitive Events challenge players with prizes designed to build and promote community.

Format:  Booster Draft!!!

  • 4x URSALA’S RETURN Booster Packs
  • Players will open and cycle one pack at a time, picking one card to keep before passing the pack.
  • At the final pick of each pack players will open a new pack and reverse the direction they pass after picking one card. Right-Left-Right-Left
  • Once all four pack have completed being drafted players will get 20 minutes to build a 40 Card Deck.
  • Any quantity of each card may be used in your deck (if you drafted them)
  • There is no “ink” minimum or maximum for deck construction.

Structure: Swiss Round Points System

  • 3 to 5 Swiss Rounds (3-rounds if 8 or less players)
  • 50 Minutes per round
  • Best of 3 games each round
  • Points per round:
    • Win = 3 points
    • Tie = 1 point
    • Lose = zero points

Time: 4:00pm to 8:00pm Please arrive 10 minutes early to register or check-in for online registrants.

Entry: $27.96


  • 1st & 2nd win Limited Edition Disney Lorcana Pins
  • 2 Random Players get a Foil Promo Card!!

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