Cool Summer Discount Drafts

Event Details



The A/C is cold and the discounts on the draft events are HOT HOT HOT!

Each Saturday all summer long we’ll pick a different set to draft with slashed prices!!

BOOSTER DRAFT (3x Booster Packs) 

This weeks set is:

ENTRY: ONLY $8.00!!!!!

TIME:  Seating Starts @ 4:00pm sharp. Please arrive AT LEAST 10 MINUNTES early to register.

EVENT CODE: EVENT CODE: Please have a registered WOTC account completed and the Companion App downloaded to your smart device before arriving for the event.

STRUCTURE: 5-8 person draft pods with 3 Swiss Rounds. (no finals bracket)


~1 Match Win = 1 Promo Card

~2 Match Wins = 1 Promo Pack

~3 Match Wins = 1 Promo Pack and 1 Foil Promo Pack

*Designated Drivers get a FREE promo pack and soda!!!

Hand sanitizer provided at each table.