Friday Night Magic MTG State Championships Star Wars X-wing Gaming!! Pathfinder & Miniature Gaming

Friday Night Magic

FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC EVERY FRIDAY!!! Check the event schedule for formats and times!!

MTG State Championships

Who will be Montana’s MTG 2015 Champion?

Star Wars X-wing Gaming!!

Every Thursday 4:00pm to Close!!

Pathfinder & Miniature Gaming

Looking for other Miniature Gamers? Want to find a Pathfinder group?

Warhammer 40k
Got other miniature games? Bring them down!!

Pathfinder Organized Play:

Game Master–Stewart Fleming

Knowledgeable Friendly Staff

Jason the General Manager has been reading comics and gaming since he could read. He has managed the store since 2010 and has vast experience and knowledge of nerd culture. He leads a staff of like mined individuals each with their strengths, knowledge, and talents.

Large Selection of Comic Books

We carry all the new and popular single issues as well as Trade paperbacks, graphic novels and Hard covers. We also carry all the classics from Sandman to Spider-Man we have it! We are also the only CGC submission center in the state!

Table Top and Card Games

We are an Advanced Level Magic and Dungeons & Dragons store. We carry all the current Magic boosters, singles, fat packs, duel decks, event decks, intro decks, and everything in between. We have the best Board game selection in town!! From Catan to Munchkin. If we don’t have it we will get it!!

Miniatures and Storage Supplies

We have a huge selection of Warhammer/40k!! We also carry Reaper Miniatures, Pathfinder Miniatures, paints, brushes, and hobby supplies! We carry comic boards, bags, boxes, card sleeves, card boxes, and binders. If you need it stored or protected we have you covered!


Eldrazi have taken over the plane of Zendikar.  It’s up to you and your book (deck) of spells to stop them.  Who will you ally with? PRE-RELEASE SEALED DECK TOURNAMENTS:  Sep. 26th (4 events), & Sep. 27th (2 events) RELEASE: October 2nd. (Booster packs, Fat Packs, Intro Decks), BOOSTER DRAFTS @ 5:00pm & 8:30pm (promos […]